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Color conversion

Type any color into the clever box to convert a color: if the system recognizes it as a valid color, the color will be shown and by pressing ENTER you will be navigated to a page containing the following pieces of information:

  • Some basic information about the given color
  • Conversion results to RGB, HEX, HSL, HSV, LAB and XYZ colorspaces
  • Color variants, shades and color inspirations
  • Natural color variants providing an ergonomic palette
  • The most similar RAL, Pantone and Sherwin-Williams colors

In the box RGB, HEX, HSL, HSV, LAB and XYZ colors are recognized. To allow faster typing, if no colorspace is given, RGB is supposed. Some examples:

  • rgb 100 12 12 but 100 12 12 is also parsed as RGB
  • #fe5561, while fe5561 works without a hashmark, too
  • lab 70 12 -12.3
  • hsl(70, 60%, 70%) but hsl 70 60 70 works also