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Palette extractor

Load an image into the browser by clicking on the Load button. (The image is not uploaded to any server.) Then set the appearing slider according to the number of colors you want to extract: after some calculations a palette will appear in a collector box below.

After the palette is ready you can click on any color in the palette to load it, get its RGB, HEX and HSL conversion values which can be selected easily by clicking on them. You can navigate to the information page of the color to have more conversion results, color inpirations and to find similar RAL, Pantone and Sherwin-Williams colors too.

Set the slider to modify the number of the colors in the palette.
Click on the colors of the palette to load and analyze them.

The idea was taken from Lokesh Dhakar's Color Thief.
The application uses Leon Sorokin's RgbQuant.js for color quantization.