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Description and conversion results of Pantone 804 C

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It has been turned out that our database is a bit outdated, color values differ slightly from the values on the Sherwin-Williams site: update is coming soon! :)

It is a bright neon orange color, having a luminance of 66%.

The following table contains the color conversion results of Pantone 804 C to RGB, Hex, HSL, HSV, Lab and XYZ colorspaces. RGB, Hex, Websafe and HSL values, marked by bold, can be used in CSS files to define colors. Click on a color value to select it.

 rgb(255, 153, 71)
rgb(100.0%, 60.0%, 27.8%)
hsl(26.7, 100.0%, 63.9%)
hsv(26.7, 72.2%, 100.0%)
lab(72.6, 31.8, 57.6)
xyz(53.8, 44.5, 11.7)

*Websafe variant of the color.

Color inspirations

Shifted color variants

Shifted color variants of Pantone 804 C have slightly varied hue values of the color.

  #ff4660  #ff9946
  #ff464a  #ffae46
  #ff5846  #ffc346
  #ff6e46  #ffd946
  #ff8346  #ffee46

Tinted color variants

Tinted color variants of Pantone 804 C have the same hue value while adding white or black tint to the color.

  #130800  #fe7c14
  #461f00  #ff9946
  #793600  #ffb579
  #ac4d00  #ffd1ac
  #df6300  #feeddf

Natural base color and variants

Natural base color is a pastel variant of the color Pantone 804 C.


It and its shades can be used to create ergonomic, natural-look palettes.

  #c66a15  #ec8937
  #d97927  #fe9947

Similar RAL, Pantone and Sherwin-Williams colors

The following table contains RAL, Pantone and Sherwin-Williams colors similar to Pantone 804 C. Click on a color to open its information page.




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